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The Importance of Giving

The question “why should we give back?” isn't brand new. For years, this pressing question have been asked by many. While some attribute the act of giving to being compassionate and sympathetic, others do it basically for selfish reasons.

Whatever the case may be, giving back to society is great and beneficial. It doesn't matter if you're donating money to a charity, or simply volunteering to render services. No matter how small, the gesture of giving back to society has and still continue to change lives.

Sinava, Inc., is a nonprofit organization that knows a thing or two about giving back to society. From supplying schooling materials and providing students with uniforms, to offering free medical health services. This organization is truly an epitome of hope and charity.

What Do You Gain From Giving Back?

In the eternal words of Gandhi, “The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others”. While you might consider this a mere perception of a single individual, there is a truth to it. You might never truly know your purpose on earth if you're not giving.

The Sinava team has helped further this agenda by raising funds annually towards our education and health programs. We accept monetary donations as well as school and medical supplies.

Donated medical supplies are sent to Mount Hope Hospital, our partner hospital, which in return performs free medical check-ups and screenings on our students. This is done based on an agreement between our organization and the local clinics and hospitals in the community.

Sinava members with our Secondary School students

Aside from the fact that giving back can put a smile on a person’s face, it also helps boost the confidence and self-esteem of an individual. The Sinava team is filled with young, bright minds and vibrant people ready to help as much as they can.

Giving back also goes a long way in helping you develop more skills, meet new people and make new connections, gain another perspective of life, and ultimately grow as a person. All of these reasons are enough to understand the drive with which this nonprofit organization operates.

Our donation supplies arrived in Sierra Leone

Although there are a lot of nonprofit charitable organizations, Sinava truly checks the list of one of the best. With an annual fundraiser for money, school and medical supplies, distributing donated items to several schools and offering free medical care, Sinava is a saving grace to many.

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