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Sinava: A Shining Light in the Darkness

The world is filled with diverse people of different ethnicities and cultures from different continents. Ranging from Africa to Asia, humans of distinct backgrounds and beliefs struggle every day to make out a living and keep their sanity while doing so. It is no surprise that there are members of the society in power who would rather fill their pockets than lend a helping hand.

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the estimated global number of people living in the worst conditions are 795 million out of 7.3 billion - the world population.

Our founder with some of the Methodist Primary School Students

These set of people are saddled with different ailments and illnesses, which could hinder a lot of physical activities. This staggering number comes as quite a shock, considering the fact that the world is equipped with natural resources to cater for itself. However, with the advent of technology, life isn't as simple anymore.

This level of suffering does not only affect eating habits and cleanliness, but also education. A lack of funds can affect the education process of a child, which could affect a child's future. It is for these reason,s and several others, that Sinava, Inc., was created.

Sinava was created for charitable purposes and has been relentless in this area. Giving back comes naturally as we have stretched our hands to many and touched a lot of lives. Helping students with school supplies do not only make life easier for these kids, but also makes learning fun and engaging.

Our Primary School students

We partner with two schools in Sierra Leone: Methodist Primary School and Ansarul Islamic Secondary School. We also sponsor students by giving them school supplies like books, pens, backpacks, and uniforms. All the basic necessities needed for the students to perform optimally in their academics.

These supplies and the continuing education courses we offer to students, is a stepping stone for kids to get a better education. They go a long way in helping kids pursue and actualize their dreams. Furthermore, we take our display of charity even further by helping our students with their medical expenses.

We offer them free annual medical check-ups, STI screenings, and HIV/AIDS screenings, ensuring they are fit and healthy physically and mentally. Sinava is amongst many others who still give a shining light of hope in a world where many have lost it.

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