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Who says you have to be rich to give?

The misconception which leaves people thinking that they cannot give or are unable to contribute to the funding of charitable activities as they feel they do not have enough, is quite unfortunate. They deprive themselves of not just emotional satisfaction of giving, but also in one way or another, deprive these people of the basic amenities that they need.

Truth is, you don’t have to be Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates to give to a charity. There are so many ways in which you or anyone could give or contribute to charitable organizations no matter your economic situation.

Your contribution should not be limited to all things monetary as it’s not the only thing that charities need; from giving blood, to volunteering, to helping move supplies, you can still make a difference.

With Sinava you can:

  • Volunteer your time: Majority of people want to help and support various causes but do not have the capital to do so. One way those people can help is by spending an hour or two assisting us during our events. Subscribe to our newsletter and you will get news about our upcoming and future events.

  • Donate school supplies: Sinava collects items such as backpacks, pens, books, crayons, pencils, etc., for students who cannot afford these supplies. So, after shopping for back-to-school supplies for your child each year, you could send the remaining unused supplies to our US address. Please check out our blog for a full list of the supplies we need.

  • Donate health supplies & basic amenities: Donating basic niceties as shoes and clothes is a great way of donating without straining your pocket. We accept personal care items such as sanitary pads for our female students, as well as antibacterial soap, blood pressure machines, gloves, rubbing alcohol, syringes, crutches and walkers. See our blog for a full list.

These forms of philanthropic work don’t just pertain to individuals, institutions and corporations can also play their part. Sinava, Inc., is a great example of that. A nonprofit organization, which has taken the obligation to fund and make sure students in Sierra Leone get the tools they need to go to school and receive basic health access.

Our sponsorship program and provision of healthcare supplies help improve health awareness and foster learning among our beneficiaries. Sinava, Inc., also has created social media platforms through which we employ volunteers to donate even the tiniest bit of anything to a cause that is so noble.

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